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Every year we have a Christmas Party for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and our clients living with HIVAIDS.

It is a time when our clients and children can let there guard down and just relax and enjoy themselves without having a worry about what they will eat . kindly note that we work in really poor communities where some have never attended a christmas party nor seen a christmas tree or lights.

Therefore, for US  Christmas is a big deal and it brings lots of smiles and joy on the faces of both the young and old. We eat ,dance ,perform drama and poetry and merry make.

Our Christmas party ends up being a community event and we feed a minimum of a 100 children and about 80 adults and close to 20 volunteer staff…In Total we feed about 200 people.

We have been having Christmas party from 2010 ,2011,2012 (3 years) and @ 2013 will be the 4th year running in Zambia.

This year we want to do something special for the children at Siyakula our project site in Mamelodi east and have a wonderfu;l christmas party for our children and women.

We are also thinking about how we can bless our children and women in Lusakas, Kamanga Compound in Zambia. It is indeed an exciting time for us:)) !

Christmas party 2013 looks we will feed 300 people coming from the most disadvantaged communities.To be part of this wonderful; event kindly support us with the following;

1.x300 Party packs with assorted goodies: You can donate any amount as it suits

2. 20 boxes of Ballons

3. Christmas decorations

4. X 300 party hats

5. x2  Jumping castles

6. x 300 plastic drinks

7. X 300  Plastic plates,spoons,forks

8. 50kg Rice

9.25 kg Beef

10.Veggies and spice and oil

Kindly note that cash donations marked "Christmas Party " would go a long way in assisting us buy the small little things.