"Food and Nutrition Foundation assists me with second hand clothes and food, they also give me an allowance every month for the work I do in the community"

"This allowance assists me pay rent, buy charcoal and buy food for my children. Without this help my life would be very difficult. I dont know how I would be looking after my children and myself without Food and Nutrition Foundation. – Care giver"

"FNF has taught me much about living with HIVAIDS. I now have a vivid picture of this disease, people living positively,how ARVs help, as well as how good nutrition works to keep people strong and healthy, enabling them to fight their disease."

"FNF has enabled me see the areas where people suffering from HIVAIDS need help and most importantly how discrimination works against all of us in our communities."

"Its been an eye opener for me and realised how many people are stigmatized and suffering with and without HIV and AIDS. FNF has showed me how and in what areas to help people. I now see how important it is for us all to assist people who are less fortunate."

"To continue FNF's ability to build stronger communities, they need more assistance in the form of cash donations in kind support to assist the needy in bettering their lives and they can also in turn help their families”. – Volunteer"

Testimonies from people in the communities we work

I would like to  Thank the Foundation for introducing Saturday school as I can now Read and write well. Before I was not able to read very well But now I can read easily and write correctly. Thank you Food and Nutrition Foundation.

Joseph Daka, 2013

Before on Saturdays , I just used to walk around the neighbourhood with my friends and did not have anything to do , But now  I look forward to coming to Saturday School to come and Read write and learn.

James Nyirenda,2013

The Foundation has helped me so much with food and second hand clothes as when my CD 4 dropped i got very sick and I had diabetes and Tuberculousis and I lost my sight . The  Foundations care givers used to come and encourage me , pray for me, bring me food and clothes and always cared for me..They have been with me all the time I fall ill and the nurse me until I get better. 2013


My house burnt down and i lost everything and the Foundation gave me and my daughter clothes and came to counsel me regarding my status as i was depressed. They have also been assisting me for  since 2008 as the help me with food parcels, clothes and taught me how to sew and knit under the womens program. I will forever remain grateful for the women they have been doing in the community.May God continue to bless them so that they can help us more.

Maggie Phiri ,2013


The Foundation has been my all weather friend. I was very ill as I had a stroke and my HIV status made my family reject me and my mother and family did not want anything to do with me …They made me stay in a store room but when Food and Nutrition Foundation came to my aid, things started looking up for me as they started assisting me with food every month and they would encourage me to take my medicine. They also bring me clothes and shoes and bags as I wanted a bag and shoe that I could wear when going to church.

When I am feeling very unwell, they take me to the clinic and bring me back. They invite me to the Christmas party every year and to Thanks giving so that I can eat and celebrate with them. They have been very good to me. The Director came to see me at home and left me food and some money.

The care givers also came and cleaned my home as i moved into a better place and now I live in a nice clean house. Thank you to FNF!

Dainess ,2012

I Joined the Organisation in 2009 and I have benefited greatly in clothing, food,e.g mealie meal,sugar,cooking oil,salt. I was also given head socks in winter.

They have also been counselling me and I now have knowledge of staying safe with my status. We wish the organisation to continue syupporting us.

Lydia phiri,2009

I joined FNF in 2009 , The Care-givers usually visit us and encourage me in a lot of things. The organisation helped me with clothes for my two daughters and we were given a workshop in Business skills and we had a party in December which was nice to us and our children. So i think and trust that the Director will continue helping us.

Magret phiri 2009

I joined FNF in 2008, I have learnt how to talk with clients and give advise to those are on medication, and those who breast heed their babies. I also teach them about good health,including nutrition,So I thank my Director for giving me this chance of working with her.I encourage my fellow clients to stick to medication and follow instructions.

Getrude Chirwa,Care giver,2009