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strong>Cash Donations:

You can support us in Zambia by making a transfer to the following account:

Bank Details:

Food and Nutrition Foundation
Standard Chartered Bank Plc
Cairo Rd Branch
0100 -5135- 09800
Branch Code: 60017
Swift Code: SCBLZMX LX

Or, you can support our work in SA by depositing funds into the following account:

Charity Sikazwe Foundation

Standard Bank

Account no# 414 671 872

Branch: Lynnwood Ridge

Pretoria, South Africa.

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind donations go a long way to helping people affected by the HIV virus and AIDS.  Here are a few of our immediate needs:

For Our Home-based Care Program (HBC):
We provide psychosocial counselling and care visitations to HIV/AIDS clients in the Kamanga compound. We also assist them with second hand clothes, shoes and blankets. We welcome in-kind donations of soap, antiseptic, cotton wool, surgical gloves, pads, cleaning detergents and cash donations to assist us with storage and transport of these supplies.

For Nutritional Support:
We hand out much needed food hampers to clients and their families, but we do not have enough resources to assist everyone in need in the community.

A food hamper consists of the following; x5 kg corn meal,2.5kg sugar,750ml cooking oil, x2 210g Sardines,100g salt,2kg Samp,2kg Kapenta,2kg Beans and 1kg Soya flour. Your support in the form of the above listed foods is greatly appreciated.  Through efficient packaging and purchasing practices we can stretch our hampers; allowing your $100 cash donation to support an additional two more families.

For Orphans and Vulnerable Children:
We have over four hundred orphans in the community; however because of financial constraints and limited resources we have only been able to assist a fraction of these orphans with basic necessities like second hand clothes, shoes, school uniforms, books, pens, and pencils in the past two years. Your donation of second-hand clothes and new or reusable school supplies can enable us to reach more children.  The more children we educate, the more resilient our community becomes!

For The Youth Club
We have a youth club for young girls from the age group of 12 to 24. We assist them in reading and writing, while encouraging them to exchange letters with others. When available we hand out story books, novels and other literature that can enhance their reading skills. Our goal is to increase our ability to reach more girls and add life skills training. You can play a critical role in increasing the literacy rate among this group with donations of second hand books, stationery, bags, and flip charts.

For Our Women’s Group (Rainbow Notions):
Rainbow Notions, our women with HIV+ peer to peer support group meets once a month to provide personal support and to teach crafts which empower members with lifelong earnings skills by learning to knit scarves and jerseys and other saleable goods. A crucial part of this program are our business classes, where we teach them basic skills, like how to sell their products, so they can become economically empowered.

You can help with a donation of old or unwanted wool, knitting needles, beads, buttons, hooks, lace, cotton, ribbons, cord, and polystyrene trays, as well as, cash donations to buy these items, or assist us in renting a facility (hall) where the women can be meeting to sew and do the handicrafts.