Our Work

Home Based Care (HBC)

We provide psychosocial counselling and care visitations to 37 HIV/AIDS clients in the Kamanga compound. We also assist them with second hand clothes, shoes and blankets

We also offer nutritional support as we hand out much needed food hampers to 10 HIV+ clients and their families under the HBC program, but we do not have enough resources to assist everyone in need in the community.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC's):

…In the past three years we have been supporting 21 orphans with assistance with school fees,uniforms, stationery,clothes and care and psychosocial counselling. We have also introduced "Saturday school" which is a literacy program teaching our children how to read and write. We also teach them maths and work towards assisting them read and write and communicate in english fluently.

preschoolers smiling Preschoolers coloring

Youth Club

We have a youth club for young girls from the age group of 12 to 24. We assist them in reading and writing, while encouraging them to exchange letters with others. When available we hand out story books, novels and other literature that can enhance their reading skills. Within the Youth Club we have Tizisunge Youth program.

Tizisunge youth club is  part of saturday school and we plan other extra curricular activities  for the children.