Visitors from Norway !!!

047 News update!!!
We are have a meeting on Friday , 14th February,2014 with a group of students  from Oslo and Akershus University College in Norway.

They are conducting a study about the legal system concerning property rights and women.

The problem to be addressed is: How are property rights for women practiced according to customary and statutory land law? According to those involved, what are the challenges, and what can be done to reduce the gap between these two? How are women’s right to own land affected by their marital status?

This study is very apt for the Foundation as we are building houses for the poor women and our observation from this process has been that the land ownership (Title deeds or land certificates)has been in the names of either a late husband, brother or uncle.

We therefore look forward to taking part in this study and having access to the final report.

Thank you all for reading:)

  Team FNF
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