Creating Real Hope for Zambians and South Africans with HIV/AIDS.

Real Hope

Providing hope for people with HIV/AIDS starts by meeting their basic needs.
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Since 2005, Food and Nutrition Foundation has provided food, clothing, peer support, employment training, psychosocial counseling, and in-home assistance to adults and children living with HIV/AIDS in Zambia and South Africa.

2009 estimates placed Sub-Saharan Africa as the number one world-wide region for people living with HIV/AIDS.  With over 22.5 Million adults and children living here with HIV/AIDS, we carry the greatest burden of the epidemic. 68 percent all people in the world with HIV/AISS are living among us! Additionally, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is ravaging Zambia. Approximately 14.3% of Zambians are infected by HIV. Over 800,000 Zambian children have lost one or both of their parents due to HIV/AIDS and life expectancy at birth is 38.63 years.

We are a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) officially registered with the Registrar of Companies in January of 2009.  We are determined to fight HIV/AIDS at all levels through the provision of nutritional support and care to people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Food and nutrition are a crucial component of preventing HIV from becoming AIDS and the greatest threat to AIDS survival is poor nutrition.  That’s because malnutrition can worsen the effects of the disease, so a good diet can help manage symptoms, reduce susceptibility to opportunistic infections, promote response to medical treatment, and improve overall quality of life.

Imagine what we could do if money was not an obstacle? An educated community is a stronger community.  In stronger communities you find lower crime rates, higher mortality rates, and improved living conditions.  Many assessments have identified that when women and girls earn an income, they re-invest 90% of it back into their families.  Study after study demonstrates that each additional year of schooling boosts a person’s income potential, while simultaneously reducing fertility rates.


With your help, we can make a difference!